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Welcome to System Solution Strategies!

If you are having difficulty getting the exact information you need, precisely when you need it and in a format you can use, we can help you.

We develop customized software applications to solve information problems that manual systems and 'off-the-shelf software' cannot handle.

If you sense that your present software is not performing to the optimum level you require or, even worse, that the application seems to be 'fighting' you rather than helping you, then you may have the symptoms of a major systems problem. Most likely the software you are using was not designed to handle all the particular processes that are critical to your business. Or perhaps the software wasn't designed to work in concert with the unique way your business operates.

If you have noticed that your manual system seems constantly choked with paper and you are adding new employees to do labor-intensive paperwork as quickly as you are adding new customers, you have a potential crisis on your hands. It is probably past time for you to automate all or parts of your system with a custom software solution.

System Solution Strategies develops custom software systems to handle precisely these types of situations and more. Please take a look at some typical examples of our client's problems and the details of our Solutions.

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