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Example 2

A chiropractic clinic needed assistance with a problem which is becoming increasingly familiar to many professional health care providers today they needed to provide timely and accurate cost estimates for their patients.  The estimates should show a detailed breakdown of the patient obligation and expected insurance coverage for their suggested treatment programs.

The time, and cost, to prepare these reports were becoming excessive and laborious.  Each estimate took the staff at least ten minutes per patient to prepare manually, with complex cases taking measurably longer and not necessarily being accurate.  Computation errors often required rework by the staff, sometimes delayed insurance approval, and occasionally delayed patients beginning treatment.

For this problem, we developed a system which allowed the clinic staff to record certain key variables for each case from the chiropractor's recommended treatment and details of the patient's insurance plan.  The heart of the system is a simple, easy-to-use data entry screen.  When the necessary data has been entered, the staff now simply requests the report.  Their computer automatically calculates the detailed estimate and prints it, with a variety of payment options, in a clean, straightforward and easily understood format.

Patient Information

This system has reduced the clinic's cost estimate preparation time by sixty percent thereby saving them hundreds of hours per year on this one process.  It also has reduced the amount of rework and patient dissatisfaction caused by miscalculated reports. The final benefit is that any employee in the office can now be quickly trained to generate these estimates (including temporary help, if necessary), freeing up the experienced staff members for more important tasks.

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